Kaunan — Vallåt Featuring Einar Selvik & Maria Franz

  • After nine years of performing and collecting song material, KAUNAN will finally release their debut album entitled "Forn" through the Norwegian label BY NORSE MUSIC.
    The album "Forn" features contributions by leading guest musicians such as Einar Selvik (WARDRUNA), Maria Franz (HEILUNG and SONGLEIKR) and the Swedish percussionist Dhani Åhlman. Accompanied by a booklet rich in illustrations, photos and background stories about the folklore traditions that lie behind the songs, "FORN" will open a new previously uncharted doorway into the world of the ancient north.
    released October 13, 2017
    Boris Koller: Kontrabasharpa, Oktavkontrabasharpa
    Göran Hallmarken: Vocals, Hurdy-Gurdy, Bagpipe, Mouth Harp
    Oliver s. Tyr: Irish Bouzouki, Mandora, Mandola, Trossingen Lyra, Mouth Harp
    Guest musicians: Dhani Åhlman: Percussion
    Einar Selvik: Vocals on "Vallåt"
    Maria Franz: Vocals on "Vallåt"
    Ilan Rosén: Mouth Harp on "Den gamle Sordølen"
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    Category : Mittelalter Rock