In Russia, cars drive you: Russian dash cam, crazy road incidents caught on camera - Compilation

  • Russian style car rage:
    Russian way to slow down motorists:
    1. Two videos posted to LiveLeak appear to show a driver walking away from the scene of a horrifying crash unscathed.
    2. A study paid for by the UK Medical Research council recently found that a quarter of Russian men will, and do, die before the age of 55. Out of that number, 35% of men who die before age 55 can attribute their deaths directly to binge drinking vodka. Another fun fact is that Russia has among the highest penetration rates for dashboard video recorders, which are now in nearly every car in the country.
    3. Dash cam video captures the moment a motorcyclist rear ends a car at a crosswalk. But the best part of the clip isn’t the actual accident, it’s the old grandmother trying to cross the street.
    4. A biker in Russia ate the dust after trying to evade police because he didn’t have plates.
    5. Viral footage of a Russian bear being beaten and run over by a truck is sparking outrage online.
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