Game of Thrones: Daenerys Burns King's Landing With Metallica's For Whom The Bell Tolls

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  • Lala M
    Lala M Love it! Thank you!
    • Matthew Newman
      Matthew Newman i need this in my brain forever. if i go senile blind deaf and striken with alzhiemers i want to remember this.
      • Larry Lobster
        Larry Lobster The other one is gone ☹️
        • Octavius
          Octavius You were the first to do it. And this video is the best version yet
          • Adam Marcisz
            Adam Marcisz Oh how much I started to like this episode now!
            • nick hamilton
              nick hamilton King Bran long live the king
              • Nyda
                Nyda this is lit yo!
                • Miss Marzipan
                  Miss Marzipan Seriously though, this episode is so impressive visually. If you could get past all the nonsensical stuff and immerse yourself in the spectacle only, I see the entertainment value in it. It's just sad for the fans who delve a little deeper... and expect more, not in terms of effects/costumes/acting/directing (because these people have done their jobs well), but in terms of plot/writing/story!
                  • kwadwo baidoo
                    kwadwo baidoo @King of the Ogres true I'll give you that but it isn't cheap or badly put together. The costumes look high quality. Personally I didn't mind cerseis outfit but I do miss the days when nobility dressed like nobility.
                    Also everyone looks too clean especially dany. Most of the time her hair and make-up is on point even after a battle which doesn't make sense.
                    Still it was the writers who ruined GOT everyone else was amazing
                  • kwadwo baidoo
                    kwadwo baidoo @King of the Ogres on and don't get me started on the biker uniform that Jamie was wearing and eurons rockstar outfit. Fuck that.
                  • Miss Marzipan
                    Miss Marzipan ​@King of the Ogres haha I see your point. I feel everything became overblown and exaggerated in order to compensate for the weaker writing. As the character writing downgraded, the costuming went from being a little more subtly symbolic to becoming more... caricature, e.g. "Look at Cersei. See the Darth Vader resemblance? Cersei bad. Cersei VERY bad now. Dark side kinda bad." The actual tailoring and execution is still beautiful though. To my knowledge they have the same people on costumes, but they've been directed in a different way. I blame D&D for all the bad moves at this point. lol
                  • Winter Fire
                    Winter Fire Just imagine Dany had two seasons of development into madness and everything is very cool once you watch it.
                • viery365
                  viery365 It is as Metallica did the music thinking on this :)
                  • Silvana Kelleher
                    Silvana Kelleher @Got Academy I bought the's good, BUT there are some very prominent GoT Youtubers missing: @Azor Ahype, @The Last Harpy, @TeflonTV, @Alt Shift X & @The Order of the Green Hand being the most obvious. Once they have chapters too & @Civilisation X gets a human voice all will be perfect.

                    Many thanks to all who've contributed so far though & it was an enjoyable listen :)