henri's boogie

  • Henri John Pierre Herbert 'dazzles' the crowd at London St Pancras with an impromptu performance on the public piano.
    Full HD version here:
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    UPDATE: Due to several comments asking for a decent quality version of this clip, I'm pleased to offer the full HD version for your viewing pleasure.
    I uploaded the original as a low bit rate, low resolution quickie, due to having a lousy internet connection where I was at the time. A big regret now, given that the clip went crazy viral - but how was I to know??
    So here it is, (link below) in full HD 1080p glory, along with a slightly remixed audio - a little more of the ambient camera sound, because the disbelievers out there are convinced this was over-dubbed, somehow. As well as the camera built in (rubbish) audio, I placed a Zoom H4n stereo recorder just behind the piano to record good quality sound with less of the background noise audible, to later sync in post production. This resulted in also picking up the sound of broken strings inside the piano, which many people are convinced is the sound of a hidden percussionist somewhere, playing a hi-hat, and therefore it must be an overdub fake studio recording setup or something! Well, it ain't.

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