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    "In winter, we must protect ourselves. Look after one another."
    Long promised Arya tribute is here. I tried to show her journey, as much as possible, had to make some compromises (characters like Gendry, Hotpie etc.), but I hope this still turned out to be good. Mainly, I concentrated on father figures for Arya, her teachers.
    Now the long wait begins, almost two years until the next season arrives. Don't worry, we'll get through this together.
    I want to say one thing: University is on my throat, I have a lot of work to do, really a lot. So, I might not upload as fast as I used to be. I hope you'll understand. I'll have some time every now and then and create videos like these. I'll never leave you, I promise.
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    You make my life better !
    Arya Stark Tribute
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  • onetruenightking
    onetruenightking that ending was so beautiful!!!!
    • Eagle 39
      Eagle 39 UGH I DIDN'T WANT IT TO END!!!! SO WELL PUT TOGETHER I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!! Please excuse me while I go watch this 10 more times over.
      • Nono N.
        Nono N. Amazing !! Please make a robb stark one the young wolf
        • Margarita Life
          Margarita Life What a strong video! I got goose bumps! Music and history complement each other! Thank you for making amazing videos!
          And I wish you good luck in the university! And more free time for such wonderful work!
          • Halbrad
            Halbrad Absolutely spectacular as always, your videos always give me a chill when i see them in my sub feed.
            • milos982
              milos982 Better killer then John Snow.End
              • Blur66
                Blur66 Another tremendous effort from you TGS. Missing GoT a lot this last while but your videos fill a much needed gap in my life! This particular video was great in the light it shone on the relationship between Arya and The Hound.
                I always though they were a great duo in those early seasons just because of their back and forth but you really did a great job in showing that Arya did eventually grow to value their partnership.
                You really have a great feel for this show and it's characters. HBO needs to get in touch with you to start making trailers for them professionally (if they have not already!).
                Thanks again for sharing your gift for video editing with us all!
                • Daniela Cardoso
                  Daniela Cardoso Arya... OMG... I love this... I love her...
                  • Select Obvi
                    Select Obvi Arya - I've missed you big brother ...
                    Jon - I missed you too

                    If this happens in Season 8 paralleling Lyanna and Ned I think I might actually cry ... especially if it's there last moment together ...
                    • Nilex Gaming
                      Nilex Gaming Can we get Arya Azor Ahai version now that she stoped the long night and killed the Night King