Censorship Google | Facebook 03/08/2018

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    1. Stop abusing our woman and children.
    2. Stop sexualising children.
    3. Stop using policies that undermines or insults other peoples's dignity.
    4. Stop age restricting bonafide African Traditions and its content. 5. Stop suggesting African Traditions as inappropriate .
    6. Stop suggesting African Traditions as Nudity, Pornography and Sexual.
    7. Stop deleting African Traditions pictures, images and videos.
    8. Stop deleting our webpages.
    9. Stop perpetuating hate crimes towards African Traditions.
    10. Stop perpetuating hate speech towards African Traditions.
    11. Stop abuse and hate comments towards African Traditions. 12. Stop hate comments by its users towards African Traditions. 13. Stop censorship of African Traditions 14. Stop discrimination 15. Stop harassment
    16. Stop cyber bullying
    17. Stop cultural terrorism
    18. Stop cultural chauvinism
    19. Stop imperialism
    20. Stop racism.
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