Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance (Music Video)

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    Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance (ft.Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers).
    This is a NOT official music video.
    Check new video for 'Get Lucky' (album version of the song):
    Official music video for 'Lose Yourself to Dance':
    Lyrics (also in captions):
    I know you don't get a chance to take a break this often
    I know your life is speeding and it isn't stopping
    Here, take my shirt and just go ahead and wipe up all the
    Sweat, sweat, sweat
    Lose yourself to dance
    Lose yourself to dance (Come on)
    Everybody's dancing on the floor
    Getting ready for more
    Everybody on the floor
    Yeah, come on
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