Lola Blanc - Angry Too (Official Video)

  • The official music video for Lola Blanc's “Angry Too.”
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    Written by Lola Blanc & Bleu
    Produced & Mixed by Bleu
    Directed by Francesca Maldonado
    Director of photography: Devin Schiro
    Lighting designer/producer/colorist: Joe Rubinstein
    Man hands: Will Weldon, Sean Wing, Terral Altom, Frank Anderson
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    Song lyrics:
    vs 1
    I buried the unseemly urges
    deep down in the ground with the roots
    but it’s all coming up to the surface
    maybe it’s getting ready to bloom
    and I don’t wanna be
    a monster in the making
    I don’t wanna be
    more bitter than sweet
    but I don’t know how to be
    just standing by blankly
    not getting angry
    ‘cause another and another coming up out of the gutter
    ‘til I’m drowning in an ocean of entitled motherfuckers
    and they pushing on my buttons but they never seem to wonder
    why another and another ask each other
    does it get your blood boiling?
    does it make you see red?
    do you want to destroy it?
    does it get in your head?
    ‘cause it gets my blood boiling
    and I’m coming unglued
    it would eat you like poison
    if you knew what I knew
    you would be angry, too
    vs 2
    I’m seeing through crimson sunglasses
    I’m breathing and counting to ten
    I guess I’m fresh out of free passes
    they’ll pay if it happens again
    and I don’t wanna drink
    the venom they made me
    I don’t wanna be
    controlled by the past
    but boy if you were me
    could you really blame me?
    it would make you crazy
    calm down girl
    why you so mad? why’s your heart gone rotten
    it’s all good girl
    why you upset? guess they have forgotten what they did

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