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    Women's clothing, makeup and lifestyle.
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    COMO58_030_Human History
    Locations include: China, San Francisco, New York, Grand Canyon, West Yellowstone and Utah
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    There is a good chance you have already seen some of our footage when you have been shopping for a 4K Ultra HD TV at retail stores. Many of the largest TV manufacturers are currently using our footage for promotion and testing purposes. This video provides an excellent example for you to watch on your new TV while testing different resolutions for comparison as well as monitoring download times from your internet provider.
    4K televisions are the next generation TVs and they have recently dramatically dropped in price and are now very affordable. The biggest problems a new owner will have is finding 4K content to watch and learning about the download time restrictions. YouTube is a great place to get free high quality content and to try out your new TV. Please visit our YouTube channel listed above for more beautiful 4K Ultra HD video content.
    This video compilation is a small collection from our stock footage library that showcases a variety of footage shot and created by the award winning team of specialized cinematographers, colorists, and vfx artists from It was shot primarily with a RED Epic camera and Canon 5D Mark IV for timelapse.
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